Why Private Tuition?

by: Winnie Ang

Some people have misconceptions about the issue of private tuition. They think that the prevalence of parents engaging private tuition for their kids is all due to a spirit of kiasuism. To them, schooling in Singapore is already stressful enough for our children; why pile additional pressure on them?

To the contrary, getting private tuition not only is stress-relieving for the child, it is also very helpful and beneficial for him. In fact, private tuition helps address some problems the child faces in school.

One problem with the public school system is that it adopts a “mass” approach to education. In a typical class, the teacher handles about 30 students, which means it is very hard for her to give individual attention to each student. The basic assumption is that all students are basically quite the same and they all should have the same level of readiness to learn.

But the truth is, no two students learn at the same pace. Each student is a unique individual and has unique learning capabilities. What is easy for one may be difficult for another. Some are fast learners and some are slow. The problem with mass education is that it cannot cater to fast and slow learners at the same time. More often than not, the slow learners get left behind.

In private tuition, the personal tutor is able devote full attention to the slower learning child under a home tuition setting. The tutor is able to adjust to the child’s learning pace. He can at the same time help the child to close up whatever learning gaps the child has; and enables him to catch up and keep pace with his faster classmates.

Another problem with regular class setting, students who have gaps in their understanding of the lessons are afraid of asking the teacher questions either for fear being seen as stupid or because of shyness. This affects their learning. In private tuition, when a child talks to the tutor one to one so he can be very free to ask any questions he need to ask.  Having a private tutor as a back-up system for any gap in learning in school reduces his stress – he knows he can readily get his questions answered back at home.

A third problem with school is that the quality of teachers can and do vary. Some time you get good teachers, other time you may not. When a child fails to get a teacher who is effective enough in meeting his educational needs, he may feel stuck as he cannot choose whom to be his teacher. However he and his parents can have the choice of whom they want to be his tutor. With help from a good tuition agency, it is not too difficult to engage an effective tutor.

Getting private tuition for your child when he faces these and other problems in school is something you as a parent can do proactively. If you come to BestTuitionSingapore.com, we will do our very best to make private home tuition arrangements to meet the educational needs of your child. Contact us today.

Student Academic Level
Estimated hourly rates based on Qualification/Experience of Tutors
Diploma/A level
University Undergrads
(Part time)
(Full time)
MOE teachers
Primary 1 to 3 $18 – $20 $20 – $25 $20 – 30 $25 – $40 $40 – $50
Primary 4 to 6 $20 – $25 $20 – $30 $23 – $35 $25 – $45 $50 – $60
Secondary 1 – 2 $20 – $30 $20 – $30 $28 – $40 $33 – $45 $50 – $60
Secondary 3 – 5 $25 – $30 $25 – $35 $30 – $45 $35 – $50 $50 – $65
A level or IB Not applicable $33 – 45 $40 – $60 $45 – $70 $75 – $95



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