How to excel in PSLE SCIENCE?

PSLE Science is one of the four core examinable subjects and the culmination of four years of learning Science stretching from Primary 3 to Primary 6. It is therefore important for parents and students to keep their Science learning resources till they graduate from Primary 6 as the materials will be useful in the preparation for PSLE Science. Discerning parents also seek good Science tuition to support their child especially when they are preparing for the PSLE Science examination.

Primary school students studying Science need to be thoroughly familiar with each of the 5 themes, namely, Diversity, Cycles, Systems, Interaction and Energy. The Ministry of Education has incorporated a total of 11 process skills into the primary-level Science syllabus.

The PSLE Science paper comes in two sections. Section A consists of multiple choice questions and Section B consists of open ended questions.

A good understanding of the key concepts of each theme is a pre-requisite to mastery in Science. Student can use concept maps to understand how one key concept leads to another through the use of linking words. With this powerful tool, pupils will be encouraged to think critically and assess the links between the various concepts that they learn.

Schools adopt a holistic approach to learning Science where the teaching of content, process skills and answering of questions are usually integrated within a lesson in the daily curriculum. These make it challenging for students to specifically pick up the answering techniques to help them express their thoughts on paper. Some students have turned to tuition to complement their learning and sharpen their skills in PSLE Science.

Very often students who are not scoring well in examinations believe that it is due to their lack of knowledge, scientific principles and facts. They do not realize that they have not mastered the skills needed to solve problems. They need to learn how to compare set-ups, comprehension of graphs and tables, identification of changed variables, etc. which will help them to evaluate the reliability of results in experiments.

Many students are bewildered by the marks they scored despite their efforts. They are in need of teachers and tutors who can help them to master the techniques to do well. Tutors who are experienced in PSLE Science tuition help students bridge the gap and develop the skills to articulate their answers in a concise and accurate manner.

Are you looking for a qualified tutor to coach your child for the PSLE Science exam? Please give us a call. At, we always do our best to match you with tutors qualified and experienced, and committed to meeting your child’s educational needs.

Student Academic Level
Estimated hourly rates based on Qualification/Experience of Tutors
Diploma/A level
University Undergrads
(Part time)
(Full time)
MOE teachers
Primary 1 to 3 $18 – $20 $20 – $25 $20 – 30 $25 – $40 $40 – $50
Primary 4 to 6 $20 – $25 $20 – $30 $23 – $35 $25 – $45 $50 – $60
Secondary 1 – 2 $20 – $30 $20 – $30 $28 – $40 $33 – $45 $50 – $60
Secondary 3 – 5 $25 – $30 $25 – $35 $30 – $45 $35 – $50 $50 – $65
A level or IB Not applicable $33 – 45 $40 – $60 $45 – $70 $75 – $95

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