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School Teacher Tuition

School Teacher Tuition at Reasonable Rates Tuition by Current / Ex School Teachers Call us today at 6611 1139 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Parents are always on the lookout for the best tutors to help their children. Naturally their first choice is for school teachers who offer tuition during their spare time. School teacher tuition is valued because […]

How to excel in PSLE SCIENCE?

PSLE Science is one of the four core examinable subjects and the culmination of four years of learning Science stretching from Primary 3 to Primary 6. It is therefore important for parents and students to keep their Science learning resources till they graduate from Primary 6 as the materials will be useful in the preparation […]

Helping Your Child To Score Better In PSLE Maths

How can you help your child to score better in PSLE Maths? This is probably one of the most commonly asked questions by parents of 12 year-olds in Singapore. At the beginning of October each year, all the students in the Primary 6 cohort will sit for the PSLE, the acronym for Primary School Leaving Examination. […]

English Tuition

Effective English Tuition at Reasonable Rates Our pool of qualified and experienced English tutors will assist your child in improving and excelling in the English subject. Call us today at 6611 1139 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ English is undoubtedly the dominant language in most parts of the world. Students and parents alike are concerned about acquiring proficiency in English language. The […]

Math Tuition

Effective Math Tuition at Reasonable Rates Our pool of qualified and experienced Math tutors will assist your child in improving and excelling in the Maths subject. Call us today at 6611 1139  ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mathematics can be considered one of the most tutored subjects in Singapore. To be sure, the standard of Math here is high. Students […]