Engaging Tutors through a Tuition Agency

Without doubt, education is the key to life, it is for this reason that parents in Singapore regardless of their social status strive to provide the best for their children. Being successful in life is rarely achieved because of pure sheer luck.  For most Singaporean parents, it is their goal to help their children advance […]

Why Your Child May Require Home Tuition for Better Performance at School

One very good way to help your child achieve better grades at school is by supporting him or her through home tuition. Children usually find it difficult dealing with the increased work load and pace of learning whenever they progress to a senior class at school. Having tuition lessons is particularly beneficial for students who […]

Singapore Tuition Agency that does its best to meet your needs  is a Singapore tuition agency that goes beyond matching students with tutors simply based on academic levels, subjects and locations. We do our best to serve the educational needs of each child. We recognize that every child is different. So we help parents to take a closer look at the learning profiles of their […]

A Tutor’s Guide To Securing Tuition Assignments

Tuition Assignments are jobs offered by tuition agencies on behalf of parents, or students themselves looking for tutors who can coach them in one or more school subjects. Tutors are always on the lookout for available tuition assignments to replace students who have graduated under their care, students who are coping well and do not require […]

A Tuition Agency In Singapore Can Help Improve The Education Of Your Child

If you want to improve the grades of your child, you need help from a personal tutor. You can get assistance from a tuition agency in Singapore to engage a qualified and experience tutor for your child. In Singapore, grades are quite important and all parents want their children to score straight Aces in their […]

Advantages of Home Tuition Singapore Parents can give their Children

The home tuition Singapore students are familiar with is one where a tutor visits her student at the student’s home to coach him on various school subjects that he needs help in. Such arrangements are usually made by a parent with the tutor on behalf of his or her child, through the intermediary of a […]

Is Your Child Experiencing Learning Difficulties?

    Is your child … failing persistently in one or more subjects in school? having a reading age that is below his biological age? being identified for learning support in school? being diagnosed with a condition that affect his learning e.g. dyslexic, developmental delay, attention deficit etc.? having learning difficulty which requires Individualize Educational Plan tailored to […]

Why Private Tuition?

Some people have misconceptions about the issue of private tuition. They think that the prevalence of parents engaging private tuition for their kids is all due to a spirit of kiasuism. To them, schooling in Singapore is already stressful enough for our children; why pile additional pressure on them? To the contrary, getting private tuition […]