A Tuition Agency In Singapore Can Help Improve The Education Of Your Child

by: Winnie Ang

If you want to improve the grades of your child, you need help from a personal tutor. You can get assistance from a tuition agency in Singapore to engage a qualified and experience tutor for your child.

In Singapore, grades are quite important and all parents want their children to score straight Aces in their exams. However, this dream seems impossible without tuition from an able teacher.

The classroom size in Singapore is between 30-40 pupils. This number is just too many because no teacher can give individual attention to each and every student. In most of the cases, students spend more time playing and chatting with each other than paying attention to what their teacher is explaining to them. In these circumstances, you cannot expect your child to get excellent grades.

With a home tuition program, your child will get the additional help to cope with the fast pace learning in schools. Through the one-on-one approach of private tuition, a tutor can help your child catch up if he or she is lagging behind in some subjects. You can expect to see improvement in their performances in class and tests. They will also be able to learn even difficult chapters with ease. Tutors are available to cater to students of any grade and age.

If you decide to engage a personal tutor, should you engage the service of tuition agencies or source the tutor directly?

A tuition agency in Singapore is a centre for tutors who want to prospect for students to register their qualifications and experiences.  The tutors are obliged to show proof of their qualifications to the parents on their first lesson with the student.

The tuition agency has a responsibility to advertise their tutoring services to potential students and their parents. Upon receiving an enquiry for tuition services, the agency will do a careful match of the student’s requirement with the tutors experience and qualification before shortlisting the tutor to recommend to the parents.

Parents who choose to source for tutors directly instead of through tuition agencies have to plough through the classified advertisements to call and interview the tutors directly. This approach is ideal for parents who are able to afford the time and knows how to assess tutors’ capability.

However, the majority of parents would rather rely on the expertise of tuition agencies.  Therefore as a responsible tuition agency in Singapore, BestTuitionSingapore.com knows we have a crucial role to fill and we strive to provide most qualified teachers available to your child’s learning needs. Contact us today for a no-obligation discussion.

Student Academic Level
Estimated hourly rates based on Qualification/Experience of Tutors
Diploma/A level
University Undergrads
(Part time)
(Full time)
MOE teachers
Primary 1 to 3 $18 – $20 $20 – $25 $20 – 30 $25 – $40 $40 – $50
Primary 4 to 6 $20 – $25 $20 – $30 $23 – $35 $25 – $45 $50 – $60
Secondary 1 – 2 $20 – $30 $20 – $30 $28 – $40 $33 – $45 $50 – $60
Secondary 3 – 5 $25 – $30 $25 – $35 $30 – $45 $35 – $50 $50 – $65
A level or IB Not applicable $33 – 45 $40 – $60 $45 – $70 $75 – $95

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